Case Studies

Reconciling Membership Lists

Challenge: I volunteered within a nonprofit membership organization and discovered various membership lists between multiple interfaces. It was not clear who was a current paid member and who was not.

Process: I led a small group to compare all membership lists and determine which members were current. We created a master membership list that captured all the fields needed. At the same time, we were working with an outside consultant to build a new website for this membership organization. As part of that process, we defined the workflow requirements needed for new members joining and existing members renewing their membership. We defined the necessary updates for existing interfaces and identified the needed notifications.

Outcome: When new member join or existing members renew, they are automatically added to the organization’s mailing list. In addition email notifications are sent to the member and the volunteers maintaining the membership list. As a result, the organization has an up-to-date membership list that requires minimal maintenance.