Article Roundup - April 23rd

I've always been a big reader and while I still fit in some reading for "fun", I'm also reading articles and blog posts that are business focused or relevant to my volunteer interests. 

Here are a few articles that caught my eye over the past couple of weeks:

  • Harvard Business Review's "The Surprising Power of Questions" really resonated with me.  In my role as a business analyst, often times the main part of my job is asking questions and listening to the responses.  When making new and refined workflows, you need to not just implement the response exactly as it was given, but find ways to ask additional questions to identify potential efficiencies in the process.  I've also witnessed the power of a simple statement "Say more about that" which a past colleague used to use in our meetings.  Often times we would get more details about the topic from that one statement and our solutions would be more on target than if we had just moved on.

  • Inc's "The Unexpected Reason People Start Their own Companies" was a fascinating read.  I'm still a newbie business owner and any advice I can get from those who have come before me is welcomed. This article details research done by Deepak Hegde and Justin Tumlinson.  The authors' conclusion: Entrepreneurs think they are better than their resumes show and realize they can make more money by going it alone. And in most cases, they are right.

  • I wrote a brief recap of a book discussion on platform technology
  • I've been reading some non-fiction books this past month and I found two follow-up articles:


  • This NYTimes Upshot article that explored new data published by Matthew Desmond author of EvictedPoverty and Profit in an American City.  Mr. Desmond continued to explore the factors that go into evictions and poverty in our nation. 
  • The coach of a refugee soccer team outside of Atlanta is getting honored for her work on and off the field.  Outcasts United by Warren St. John is the book that first profiled Luma Mufleh. 


Janel Kinlaw