Leveraging campaign statistics to drive email engagement

You’ve set up a newsletter sign-up on your website.  You’ve gathered some contacts from that free content you have posted on your website.  You are generating content and sending out a frequent newsletter to your mailing list.  Now what?

Are you looking at the statistics that are generated from each campaign sent out?  Do you know if your numbers are average or above average for your industry and size of your business? Your e-marketing platform may have examples of email marketing campaign statistics. Here are two examples from MailChimp and HubSpot.  Experiment with different times and days to see if you can find the “sweet spot” to increase your open rate.  At my former workplace, one of the event coordinators found that Friday evening at 5:00 pm actually worked the best for her audience.  That was the time of day that her target audience was catching up on emails before the weekend.

Now, you have a great open rate on your campaigns, but are you targeting your messaging to the different types of newsletter recipients?

A person who opens your newsletter, but never clicks on a link or reaches out to you should be getting a different message than a person who opens your newsletter and clicks on a link.  Engagement with your email includes clicking a link or saving that email to a folder.  Making segments within your newsletter mailing list will allow you to tailor your message to different audiences.  Perhaps you want to offer a special deal to recipients who sign up for the first time to use your service.  Or perhaps you want to offer free training to those recipients who have attended events in the past.  Using previous campaign statistics can help you make segments of your mailing list and tweak the content for each segment. Remember to refresh your segments every 6-8 months so that if a newsletter recipient becomes less engaged you can change the type of content they get.  

What about those newsletter recipients who signed up for your newsletter, haven’t unsubscribed, but still, don’t open your newsletter?  

How can you engage them and get them to open your email?  Review your subject lines – are you asking for some kind of action from them?  Send a specific campaign to them asking them to confirm if they want to continue to get your newsletter. Look at your newsletter campaign on your mobile device.  In the mobile view, how do the subject line and preview text look?  

Looking at statistics that are generated from your campaigns can help target messages and point out minor tweaks you can make to have a bigger engagement from your mailing list.  Spending an hour or two a month to review how your campaigns are doing can make a difference to your bottom line and provide more targeted content to your mailing list.

Want help figuring out segments for your mailing list or help with reviewing the statistics on your recent campaigns? Feel free to reach out and we would be happy to help out.

Note: I originally wrote this blog post for a local digital media company, needasite.org, to provide free content to their business owners.